The Garden Devotionals
Looking for a fun way to dive into the scriptures as a family? Well, buckle up because The Garden Devotional has got you covered! Join the adorable duo, Lenny & Lucy, as they take you on a daily adventure through God's word. It's the perfect way to embrace the Word of God and bond as a family. Get ready to study, learn, and grow together!

For Your Entire Year

Are you tired of trying to get your little one excited about studying God's Word? Well, we've got just the solution for you! Introducing The Garden Cartoon 30-Day & 365-Day Devotionals: two amazing solutions to make learning scripture a fun, daily habit for your child. Let's dive into God's Word together, one day at a time.

Answers to most common questions about our Garden Cartoon devotionals.
30-Day Devotional
Is this devotional for a specific month?

No! This is just a 30-day devotional that you can read over and over again no matter what month it is!

What translation are your scriptures?

Our scriptures are ICB translation (the International Children's Bible)!

Do I have to read this starting in January of every year?

That is up to you! This is a 365 day devotional meaning that it is for reading one scripture a day for the next 365 days! So you can either start when the calendar year starts, or you can start today...whenever you choose your new year to begin!

What translation are your scriptures?

Every scripture is taken from the International Children's Bible (ICB)!

Is this art custom for the devotionals?

Yes! Every piece of art you see in our devotionals are completely custom to these books and can't be found anywhere else!

Where can I buy these devotionals?

Our 30 and 365 day devotionals are only available on Amazon!