Basic Banana Burger Building

What comes first—the banana or the bun? In today’s video, creator Butch Hartman and some helpers are going to show you how to Build a Banana Burger and you don’t want to miss it! In the full episode of Banana Burgers (available on The Garden Cartoon App) the burgers hit the plate fully formed. No worries! We will show you Banana Burger Building step by step!

You will find loads of material designed for parents and littles to dig deeper into the June episode of Banana Burgers included in our FREE lesson plans. You can use the fun tools our team provides to help you teach the Word to your littles in a way they will remember. And try out the group activities too!

The lesson for Banana Burgers this month includes:

  • Instructions for a group
  • Lenny and Lucy’s Joke Corner (funny, punny jokes)
  • Lesson Notes
  • Snack Time Recipe (Mini banana splits)
  • Discussion Points
  • Scripture Memory (Ephesians 4:32)
  • Craft Activity (Way of Kindness handprint poster)
  • Game Challenge (Go bananas beach ball bonanza)
  • Guided Prayer

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Teaching your children to pray is a weighty responsibility. Our team at The Garden Cartoon wants to help you train your children with the Word in any way we can! This is what prayer time in our lesson plan looks like.

Pray with your Garden Buddy or Garden Group. God loves hearing what is going on in your life.

  • Have a group prayer where students share needs or pair up as Garden Buddies and pray for each other.
    • Prayer ideas:
      • Ask God to forgive us for our grumpiness
      • Ask God to help us be kind and helpful to others
      • Pray for needs for family and friends
  • Remind your buddies that God is the One Who loves us most of all. He wants us to share our needs with Him.

Thank God for all He has done in your life and all the ways that He has blessed you!

  • End Prayer Time with Praise. Have Buddies shout out things that they are thankful for. Start them out with some examples:
    • I am thankful for friends
    • I am thankful for my family
    • I am thankful for how kind Jesus is to me

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We will see you next month with a new episode & activities!
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