Here Comes Fun From The Garden Cartoon 🧁

Did you watch the clip from our last email? Have you downloaded The Garden Cartoon App and subscribed to all the episodes? Are you ready for some fun?!?! Lenny and Lucy and creator Butch Hartman are gonna join you for a little lesson, a little fun and a whole lot of loving Jesus.

The activity in the video is part of the lesson our team has put together for this month’s episode Truth is the Mane Thing. Download the entire lesson below for FREE which includes:

  • Instructions for a group
  • Lenny and Lucy’s Joke Corner
  • Lesson Notes
  • Snack Time Recipe
  • Discussion Points
  • Scripture Memory Activity
  • Craft Activity
  • Game Challenge
  • Guided Prayer




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Here is the Scripture Memory Activity from today’s lesson. This is what you can expect each month in your inbox for the featured episode from your Garden family ☀️



Let’s get into the Bible and memorize this scripture together!

Get excited about God’s truth! Create a group chant with hand signs to help you remember today’s scripture verse.

  • Invite your Buddies to stand up and shake out their wiggles before you begin memorizing today’s scripture.
  • Create a chant using hand signs or use the hand signs below to help them memorize today’s scripture:

Love always (Hands crossed over heart)

hopes for the best (Stretch arms overhead, hands open wide, standing on tiptoe)

and always perseveres. (Pound one fist on top of the other 3 times) 

1 Corinthians 13:7 (Clap hands in rhythm to scripture reference)

  • Practice several times inviting different students to lead the group

The Garden Cartoon Lessons are designed to be quick and easy for you and your own littles or for a group time with LOTS OF LITTLES! Our team goes the extra mile to make learning the Word of God fun and exciting for your family🎈

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We will see you next month with a new episode & activities!



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