How To: Make a Treasure Map

A treasure map is a mysterious thing and Captain Snappy always seems to have one. Wanna know how to get your own? In today’s video from creator Butch Hartman, you will learn how to make a treasure map. If you watched the entire episode Where Your Treasure Is… on the app, you know Lenny, Lucy and Captain Snappy found the treasure, but there was a problem with distribution.

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The lesson for Where Your Treasure Is… this month includes:

  • Instructions for a group
  • Lenny and Lucy’s Joke Corner
  • Lesson Notes
  • Snack Time Recipe (Hot Chocolate Springs Pudding Cups)
  • Discussion Points
  • Scripture Memory
  • Craft Activity (Draw Your Own Treasure Map)
  • Game Challenge
  • Guided Prayer

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You know. Licorice Lagoon is located very close to Hot Chocolate Springs. Try out this fun snack for your day with Lenny and Lucy and Captain Snappy.

Hot Chocolate Springs Pudding Cups

  • Place a few M&Ms or gummy bears (buried treasure) in the bottom of a clear plastic cup
  • Allow your Buddies to place a layer of chocolate pudding on top of the buried treasure.
  • Decorate with mini-marshmallows and a stick of red licorice.

Materials: plastic cups, spoons, chocolate pudding, M&Ms or gummy bears, mini-marshmallows, licorice.

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